Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bob and Walter Out On The Town ... Really?

Photo Caption:  5/5/1947  Donna Atwood, star of the Ice-Capades of 1947, spent intermission time visiting with Hollywood stars who turned out for opening night at the Pan Pacific Auditorium ... got the undivided attention of Walter Pidgeon and Robert Montgomery when she stopped to visit with them.

QUESTION:  Okay, I can see Bob at the ice capades, sort of.  I mean, it could be a family night out, he's there with Betty and the kids.  And then some public relations guy pulls him away to spend time with a good-looking 22-year-old.  Tough job, eh, Bob? 

But, Walter?  Ya' know, I have never thought of Walter Pidgeon as being an ice skating kind of guy.  I mean, I can see he and Bob at a cocktail party, enjoying some of Walter's infamous bawdy limericks.  But, an evening watching ice skating?  Really? 

And we'll never know the true story of Bob, Walter and the pretty, young lady ...

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