Thursday, June 01, 2017

Still a Beautiful Young Man

I became an "official" contributor on the blog five years ago.  It was May 27th, 2012, when Carrie finally convinced me that my doing the blog would actually work out.  Carrie is a great convincer. 

And after five years of reading/writing/watching/listening to Robert Montgomery, I continue to think that he was a beautiful young man who grew into being a most admirable man.  Complicated, yes.  A man who did not suffer fools, yes.  But, amazing in his accomplishments, the extent of his talents.  Would so loved to have met the man.  Shake his hand and thank him for the many, many enjoyable hours I have spent with him, if in spirit only. 

And thank you for giving me the excuse to do this.  For the most part, the blog is great fun, although there are those times when my mind freezes and it's a real challenge to come up with a post.  But, fortunately, having such a fascinating subject saves the day.  Thanks, again, for checking in. 

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