Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Bob, Joan, Bill, George and a Camera

George Hurrell produced a large number of promotional stills for The Last of Mrs. Cheney (1937), featuring the stars; Joan Crawford, William Powell and Bob.  There is always the challenge for the photographer to come up with new poses, and Hurrell came up with some, for the most part, interesting ones.  I personally like the first photo below.  The three stars enjoyed working together on the movie, and the good feelings appear to have carried over to the photo session.

And I like the Bob and Joan interaction in this one.  Not sure exactly what Bill's role is.  I'm guessing he's thinking something along the lines of, "It's almost over, I've done stranger things in my career."

Now this one....what exactly is Bob doing watching Joan and Bill embrace?  I mean, he has his hands on her, encouraging her.  The photo itself I like, just try not to study it too much!

Whatever, they are all great photos.  The combination of a great photographer and three photogenic stars just can't be beaten.  All that talent in one room.  How nifty. 


Debbie said...

Love the photos (and the film). Two of my favorite guys in one film. What could be better. Joan was never a favorite of mine but look who she is starring with. As for George Hurrell, I don't think the man ever took anything but fabulous photos. My favorites have always been the ones with dramatic lighting (he was a master of it), but I guess the subject matter for these was more than enough! Just how much class can a photo take? Bob and Bill............heaven!

Kathy said...

Well, you got to give it to Joan for making 6 movies with Bob. She may have not always have been keen to do so, but glad she did. Crawford and Shearer, in particular, definitely made Bob's career. Of course, those movies really did typecast him, but that's another story! Yeah, Bill and Bob, none better.