Thursday, March 02, 2017

Three Men on a Girl ... Pardon?

Well, that's the google translation of this Danish herald for Three Loves Has Nancy (1938).  I don't think that title would have made it in this country, not even pre-code! 

What is right about the herald is the image of a third man.  All of the publicity shots for the movie include Bob and Janet Gaynor, or Bob, Janet and Franchot Tone, but never the Third Love!  Poor Grady Sutton, he just never got any respect. 

                               Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

You can watch Grady lose the girl this coming Monday, the 6th, at 11:45 a.m. PST on TCM.  (Hope that's not a spoiler for you...)

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Debbie said...

Grady Sutton or Franchot Tone OR Robert Montgomery.......hmmmmm. Wouldn't matter who it was she had to pick from when Bob is one of the choices. "Spoiler Alert" Sorry Franchot.... (OK, Bill Powell, but he wasn't right for this part, no Myrna.lololololol)