Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Live, Love and Learn A Little

There are a goodly number of delightful photos featuring Bob, Roz Russell and Robert Benchley that were taken to promo Live, Love and Learn (1937).  The stars appear to be enjoying themselves, a rather rare occurrence for performers doing publicity for their movies, I'd imagine. 

One of my many regrets re Mr. Montgomery is that he never appeared in a color movie, would love to see those blue eyes work their magic in a love scene!  The closest one can get to a Bob movie in color are colorized photos.  They can be interesting, but almost never show Bob with blue eyes, darn it.  Anyway, check out the two photos below.  I am not sure the color is an improvement.  The color of Roz's dress works, sort of, but that pink chair ... yeesch!

Did you notice that the two photos are not the same, besides the color?  I thought they were until I pulled the scans up for this post.  Bob's laughing in the second photo.  Roz has placed her hand on Robert's head, which has lulled slightly towards the camera.  Kinda nifty. 


Debbie said...

This is a favorite of mine because Roz has always been my favorite leading lady of Bob's. They were great together. Then you throw in Mr. Benchley (as Dorothy Parker always called him) who can't help but make you smile. So funny! So brilliant! And I do agree, Bob in color would have been a glorious thing indeed!

marlene said...

I have a VHS copy of "They Were Expendable" in COLOR!! Gives you a good idea of RM in color, that is to say, what he would look like in color motion pictures. Love it.

Kathy said...

Marlene! Thanks for the TWE reminder. You know, I don't think I've ever seen the colorized version, came out back in the days when I was too snooty to watch a movie which was colorized. Ah, life goes on. Anyway, I just purchased a copy on eBay so I can check out Bob in "living color".

Debbie - "a glorious thing indeed!" No disagreement here.