Thursday, February 09, 2017

Movies, TV, Stage, Radio and Top 40 (?)

Our Mr. Montgomery was indeed a multi-talented performer, mastering all from the stage to television.  Actor, director, producer ... he did it all, including singing in his earlier movies.  However, seeing his photo on the cover of a 45 rpm is rather strange.  One would not have expected a 50-year-old Bob to enter the music business, particularly not in the "rocking" 1950s.

And he didn't, really.  This record was no doubt a promo for his show with a limited production and distribution.  Of course if he had really wanted to...  I mean, 1955 is the year that had Georgia Gibbs' "Tweedle Dee" at No. 16 on the charts and Fess Parker's "The Ballad of David Crockett" at No. 22.  We're not talking about any stiff competition here.  Now, if I could just locate the 45 adapter for my record player ... 

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