Tuesday, November 08, 2016

President Montgomery ... Like the Sound of It

Volunteered to serve his country in wartime, for four long years, even though he was past draft age and could have sat out the war.  Served his country again as media consultant for President Eisenhower, without being compensated ... making his millions from hard work and good business sense, not from the public trough. 
 A man of class and total integrity. 
Wouldn't stand a chance in today's politics.


Debbie said...

If only we had Bob to vote for today. Or a modern day Bob equivalent. Look what we have to choose from........geez.

Debbie said...

I know Bob was a serious Republican(I used to be one too) but my guess is today he would be spinning in his grave....if he had one.

Kathy said...

Let's see ... Bob was upset with Nixon and the Watergate affair, so I can imagine what he would have thought of Clinton and all her legal problems. And, yes, Trump would have been mind-boggling for Bob, but country and service were a priority for Mr. Montgomery, he would probably be offering his assistance to the future President. He could use it.