Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bob and Bette on the Same Stage ...Amazing!

Bob and Bette Davis were not exactly good friends, but they were both pros ... and would not let anything as minor as a personal animosity get in the way of making a film.  They even shared a few moments of enjoyment on the set of June Bride, or at least that is how it appears with a camera on them.  In the photo below, Bette is smiling at Bob ...

and later she can't keep a straight face over whatever Bob is doing off camera. 

Yeah, definitely pros at their business.  Which leads me to the classic clip of Bob playing a joke on Bette.  You can see it here at 4:17 into the clip.  Now just what could he have done for Bette to react that way.  Ah, the possibilities.  I love Bob's snort at the very end. 

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