Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dorothy and Norma ....... Well, They Did Have Bob in Common

Two of Bob's ladies with August birthdays ... Dorothy Jordan, August 9th, and Norma Shearer, August 10th.  Cute and demure Dorothy and strong-willed Ms. Shearer, quite a contrast.  Goes along with the contrasting roles Bob played in their movies together.  Bob, youthful and earnest in Love in the Rough and Shipmates, a great match for co-star Jordan.  

               Dorothy Jordan and Bob in Love in the Rough (1930)

In his movies with Norma (Their Own Desire, The Divorcee, Strangers May Kiss, Private Lives and Riptide), Bob perfects the role of the tuxedoed playboy with martini in hand, readily able to entertain his lady of the evening. 

        Norma Shearer, Skeets Gallagher and Bob in Riptide (1934)

Whatever the persona, Dorothy and Norma were most fortunate to have had Bob as their co-star.  I am so, so envious.    


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Birthday?! ! Happy 21st!!

Kathy said...

Yeah, me and Dorothy Jordan, two peas in a pod! And, yes, I sorta remember my 21st... Thanks, guys.