Thursday, February 25, 2016

Now for Something a Little Different ...

What d'ya think ... a tad bit of likeness to Bob?  Maybe the mouth, or the eyes, or the sideburns????  I guess not, but the young Richard Greene was a good looking lad, indeed.  A few decades back, one of my local TV stations showed 20th Century Fox movies late on Saturdays, saw all the Tyrone Power/Don Ameche/Betty Grable movies numerous times.   Stanley and Livingstone (1939) starring Spencer Tracy was shown a few times as well, which was good because I got to see Mr. Greene in his beautiful youth.  And the British accent ... well, need we say more.

         Nancy Kelly and Richard Greene in Submarine Patrol (1938)

Mr. Greene's promising Hollywood career was shortened when he returned to England to fight in WWII.  I mean, really, fighting for your country in a time of great need.  (How quaint that must seem to today's acting profession.)  After the war he was type cast as a swashbuckler and happily turned to TV in the 1950s.  Ironically, it was one more swashbuckling (love that word) role that brought him his greatest fame and wealth, as the lead in the British series, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-1960).  The series was also successful in the U. S. market, being shown on independent TV channels for some time.  It was basically a children's program with poor production values, but, hey, it was a chance for me to see the now handsome, middle-aged Mr. Greene.  And the voice and accent ... still great.   

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