Sunday, November 22, 2015


And now a few words from our guest blogger, Debbie!

How I love candid photos taken during a movie production.   These photos give you an insight as to what goes on during a production and also the relationship between the stars involved.

My favorite Bob Montgomery movie is “Night Must Fall” from 1937.   It is not your average Montgomery film. It was one of the first psychological thrillers.  I tad like Hitchcock except the "MacGuffin" is known from the start.   Bob had to fight to make this film and it is one of only a few from his career that he was truly proud of.  It was based on the Emlyn Williams play of the same name and concerns a psychotic killer.  The screenplay was adapted by John Van Druten and the film was directed by Richard Thorpe.  Interiors were filmed at the MGM Studios in Culver City and the exteriors were filmed in Sherwood Forest, CA.

Bob’s co-stars for this film were Rosalind Russell and Dame Mae Whitty.  Russell was cast because she worked well with Montgomery and Whitty was part of the original New York and London play cast.

It becomes obvious from these candids taken during production that Montgomery and Russell enjoyed working together.

Bob & Roz at Lunch

Bob at lunch

Chatting outside at Sherwood Forest  (This is one of my favorite photos)

Roz taking a break at Sherwood Forest

Listening to the radio between takes.  (Wouldn't you love to know what they were listening to, and wouldn't you LOVE to have that radio!!!)

A sister photo to the one above

Chatting between takes on the sound stage at Culver City

Candid photos from a favorite film, interesting stuff!!!!!!


Robert Fithen said...

Love it!! Six photos in a row that I've never seen before. That never happens!! Thanks so much.

Debbie said...

You're so welcome! So glad you enjoyed them!