Thursday, September 03, 2015

It Helps to be Over 50 to Appreciate This Post!

For the longest time I have wondered what it was about Jack Holt's face that seemed so familiar.  I was rather sure it wasn't another actor.  I searched through images of family in my mind, but did not see any Jack Holt lookalikes.  A former teacher, perhaps?  No such luck.  There was just something about that profile, besides being so distinctive.  Something from my long ago past. 

Voila!!  Recently ran across an article that states the cartoonist Chester Gould patterned Dick Tracy's jut-jawed countenance and stoic demeanor on his favorite film star, Jack Holt!  That's why he seemed so familiar, a pleasant remembrance from my childhood.  One of my Sunday heroes!

                                  Jack Holt (1888 - 1951)

                             Dick Tracy (1931 -  Still Alive!)

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