Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Young Men With Bright Futures

                                 West Point of the Air (1935)  

Robert Young is second from the left in the above photo.  In movies since 1931, he is the old pro with the casting credit of second lead.  (Note how Bob is in a full slouch, trying to keep the top of his head in the frame.)

And the young man on the far left is Robert Taylor.  He has only 9th billing, but just two movies later he is co-starring with Irene Dunne in Magnificent Obsession As in Mr. Taylor had one meteoric rise to stardom. 

      Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor in Magnificent Obsession (1935) 

Just love this photo.  1. The immaculately dressed and coiffed Ms. Dunne has just been hit by a speeding car.  Only in Hollywood in the 30s.  2.  That is one gorgeous automobile.  Almost as gorgeous as Robert.

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