Thursday, August 06, 2015

Robert Taylor and 8 Beautiful Ladies

The result of snuggling couples on a cold December night --- a lot of August birthdays!  John Huston was born on August 5th, as was Robert Taylor. (Two more different people I can hardly imagine!)  Bob is 35 at the time of the photo below.  He has passed from his incredibly beautiful stage to merely extremely handsome. 

                                     Undercurrent (1946)   

And eight of Robert Montgomery's leading ladys were born in August:

                               August 2nd   - Myrna Loy
                               August 4th    - Anita Page
                               August 7th    - Ann Harding
                               August 7th    - Irene Purcell
                               August 9th    - Dorothy Jordan***
                               August 10th  - Norma Shearer
                               August 16th  - Ann Blyth
                               August 29th  - Ingrid Bergman

***Which also happens to be my birthday ... Me and Dorothy ... another argument against astronomy!  She was just so darn cute.

               Bob and Dorothy Jordan in Shipmates (1931)

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