Thursday, July 09, 2015

Bob's Deteriorating, BUT It Is a Hurrell!!

It's showing its age and has been trimmed from 10x13 to 9x12, but it has been signed by Bob and has Hurrell's stamp on the verso.  And it is simply a great portrait of Bob, the smile is halfway to being a smirk.  Lucky Mrs. Schibley.

It appears from the note that it was obtained for Mrs. Schibley by her son.  Lets hear it for one very thoughtful son!

Don't worry, Mrs. Schibley.  Bob's back in good hands.


Carrie said...

Nice! The comment from the son is a fun touch!

Kathy said...

Yeah, I like the "my suffering Mother" part. Suffering because she was in Hollywood? Is he making a joke? Or is he being overdramatic? Whatever, it was a great gift.