Monday, September 12, 2011

Montgomery Escadrille

The description is almost better than the photo itself, although I've never heard of Bob collecting a squadron of flying model planes before....Hollywood embellishment?


HOLLYWOOD --- Robert Montgomery, motion picture star, has gone aeronautical minded in a big way. He’s collecting miniature planes, and as soon as he has enough he’s going to form the Montgomery Escadrille. In this photo, Montgomery displays a miniature airplane given him on his birthday by his friend, Reginald Denny, screen actor. The plane is powered with a one-cylinder gasoline motor that enables it to stay aloft up to four hours, attaining an altitude of 4,000 feet. When the gasoline runs out it glides down to a “3-point” landing.

Photo is dated June 12, 1935


Bob52104 said...

Another casual day at home...tie, white jacket and matching Montgomerish. I know, his total white outfit as the uniform for the Montgomery Escadrille! (And thanks again for the date.)

Carrie said...


Wonder if he followed the Memorial Day to Labor Day rule for what colors to wear :)

Anonymous said...

Good one!

You gotta check out E-Bay, 1931 Hurrell (Viera) from "Navy Blue" - the smirk is to die new wallpaper (as in $50 is way beyond my budget, darn it!)

Carrie said...

There's a pic I haven't seen before. Heh, smirk is right!