Saturday, April 11, 2009


The planets must have been lining up this week or something. Out of the blue, I received two emails from Robert Young fans. Sure, you may say "big deal," but come on . . . it's 2009 - you're lucky if you can find someone under 80 who even recognizes the name (no offense to those over 80!).

Thanks to the awesome Carrie Liz (her new, unofficial title) , she passed along a few photos to share with everyone:

The Bride Walks Out - Larger image

Maria also dropped me a note about a Leonard Maltin interview with Robert Young. Looks like the interview is available in back issues of his newsletter. Does anyone subcribe to his newsletter currently? Sounds interesting.

Update: I posted above about Leonard Maltin's newsletter - the interview is available in the book of the same title, Movie Crazy.


Laura said...

Hi Carrie,

Leonard's interview with Robert Young also appeared in his book Movie Crazy, which pulls together material from his newsletters. It's relatively affordable ($13+) and well worth picking up. It's a very random collection of neat movie stuff. My favorite chapters include an interview with Joan Leslie and a chapter on the women who painted Disney cartoons.

Best wishes,

Kate Gabrielle said...

Those are great pictures; thanks for posting!

Carrie said...

Laura: Shoot, that's what I forgot. Maria mentioned the book - I started looking and ran into the newsletter instead.

Kate Gabrielle: You bet!