Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ride The Pink Horse - Radio Style

Hop aboard the rickety merry go round with this Lux Radio Theater presentation of Ride The Pink Horse from Dec. 8, 1947. The film is one of my favorites and this radio version is just as good. Carrying over from the film version is Robert Montgomery as Lucky Gagin, Wanda Hendrix as Pila, and Thomas Gomez as Pancho.

27 MB MP3 - 1 hour

And if you think you hear a touch of Fred Flintstone in Frank Hugo's voice, you're not far off. Hugo is played by Alan Reed, voice of the lovable Fred.


Bantaskin said...

Thomas Gomez is always such a pleasure to hear or watch. This version came off so fresh and well done that I forgot to listen for Fred as the heavy. Thanks for sharing this little gem!

Carrie said...

Once I picked up the Flintstone voice, I couldn't get the picture of Bob talking with Fred out of my mind.