Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wanted - Bob Radio Shows

Now that'd I've run out of Bob radio shows (for now), it's time to start hunting for more - and I need your help. Below is a list of needed shows. If you have any, and would like to share, please leave a comment!

The list is from information off of the Earl of Hollywood web site. A full list of his shows is also available on the site.

Lux Radio Theater

June 9, 1935

The Man in Possession
August 12, 1935

Jane Eyre
June 27, 1938
Helen Hayes, Robert Montgomery

The Seventh Veil
December 13, 1948
Robert Montgomery, Ingrid Bergman

Screen Guild Theater

Can We Forget
January 22, 1939
George Murphy, Louise Beavers, Bette Davis, Robert Montgomery, Basil Rathbone

We Were Dancing
October 19, 1939
Binnie Barnes, Adolphe Menjou, Robert Montgomery, Hedda Hopper

My Favorite Wife
March 13, 1941
Robert Montgomery, Irene Dunne, Franklin Pangborn

My Client Curley
February 4, 1946
Robert Montgomery, Ted Donaldson

The Bob Hope Show

Unknown Title
September 11, 1945
Bob Hope (host), Robert Montgomery

Unknown Title
February 11, 1947
Bob Hope (host), Robert Montgomery

Unknown Title
November 25, 1947
Bob Hope (host), Robert Montgomery

Silver Theater

Expert Opinion
April 16, 1939
Robert Montgomery, Joseph Kearns, Elliott Lewis

The Villain Still Pursues Her
April 23, 1939
Robert Montgomery, Helen Wood, Henry Brandon, Joseph Kearns

Theater Guild on the Air

The Petrified Forest
November 2, 1947
Robert Montgomery, Peggy Conklin

A Bell for Adano
September 12, 1948

The Burns and Allen Show

Unknown Title
April 7, 1949
George Burns, Gracie Allen, Robert Montgomery

Cavalcade of America

The Raft
May 1, 1951

The Doctor Fights

Mare Island and Back
June 19, 1945

Hollywood Hotel

March 8, 1935
Robert Montgomery, May Robson, Ruth Gordon

Hollywood Star Time

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
July 20, 1946

Then and Now

Unknown Title
September 1936
Robert Montgomery and Constance Bennett (scene from Gone With the Wind)


stellypippin said...

Oooh, some of these look good!

Carrie said...

Ya, we all know you're dying to hear "Vanessa" ;)