Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Unguarded Hour - Radio Style

Today's radio feature is the Lux Radio Theater's presentation of The Unguarded Hour from December 4, 1944. The intro & curtain call are interesting in that they touch on Lieutenant Commander Robert Montgomery's Naval service. He's recently been released from four years of service from the Naval Reserve, having been awarded the Bronze star for his service on the destroyer USS Barton during the raid on Normandy on D-Day. CB Demille also tells of the story of the Barton (and Bob) being spared during battle due to an unexploded German shell that landed on the deck.

Back to the story, Robert Montgomery plays a barrister that's been blackmailed. Unknown to him, his wife, Laraine Day, has also been blackmailed. In both cases, the blackmail was over love letters to his past girlfriend. A murder occurs and all evidence is pointing to Bob. The loveable Roland Young also appears in this presentation.

One Hour - 12 MB

The one down-side of this recording is the sound - everyone sounds like they're on helium.


stellypippin said...

Wahey, thanks for this radio show - wow, something about his military service :D!

Barrister - that's a word I like, for some reason, lol

Carrie said...

Sounds a lot sexier than "lawyer"

bantaskin said...

Boy, I'm loving these radio shows. Thanks!

Cool how Bob avoids talking about himself and instead mentions the little French town and also all the boys still fighting.

Carrie said...

I wanted to go buy some war bonds after listening...