Monday, March 26, 2007

Theremin Love

What does The Day the Earth Stood Still, Hitchcock's Spellbound, and the Beach Boys Good Vibrations have in common? They all use the Theremin, a musical instrument that uses electricity to create music, or in the case of Sci-Fi, unearthly sounds whenever a UFO appears. It's my new favorite musical instrument of the moment.

I'm willing to bet most people will instantly know the sound of the Theremin when they hear it:

A bit dated:


stellypippin said...

It is such an awesome instrument, I gotta say. Loooove the sound of it, eee

la peregrina said...

Yep, adds so much to The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Carrie said...

I was this close <---> to playing one at the Museum of Science & Industry...the kid wouldn't get away from it.

la peregrina said...

Was that one anything like the ones used in your video clips?

Carrie said...

It was a bit different. Instead of having the bar stick up like an antenna one side, both bars were parallel to the ground on either side of the box. I don't know what all the technical terms are for a Theremin.

I forgot to add, there's a documentary on the Theremin too that's pretty good: