Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Star is Born - Radio Style

This radio version of A Star is Born is from the Lux Radio Theater, Sep. 13, 1937. Janet Gaynor plays her film role as Vicki Lester and Robert Montgomery plays Norman Maine. Also listen for an interview with Sid Grauman.

13.7 MB - One Hour

One thing I find the most interesting about radio shows is the 'curtain call' talk at the end of the story, where the stars talk about their latest work, or vacation attempt. In the Lux presentation of Beau Brummel (I believe), Bob talks about taking some time off at his New York farm. This radio presentation is part two - he still hasn't made it to New York, but has an interesting story about farmer neighbor Zeb Davis & his car.

I'd love to know if Zeb was for real.


stellypippin said...

Thanks so much for uploading this - I always enjoy them :D!

I love listening to their talk too - how long does it take him to go to New York? LOL

Carrie said...

Oh, it has to have been at least half a year...

Anna said...

Thanks so much for putting these up - they're great! I'm listening as we speak. Where do you get them from?

Carrie said...

Most OTR is public domain. This is a great resource:

It's just a matter of researching what shows your fav. star was in - the site only has shows by title and story (e.g., Lux Radio Theater, The 39 Steps)