Friday, September 08, 2006


Since TCM has been lacking in Robert Montgomery movies lately, I've had to turn to someone else from the MGM stable - Robert Young (like you all don't know already...).

I watched Maisie the other night, starring the aforementioned RY, Ann Sothern, and Ruth Hussey. At first I was leery of the wild west theme, but I was pleasantly surprised by the story. I will admit, I had to get over 1939's version of a cowboy costume first. Think Robert Young as the Lone Ranger, without the mask and with a ten gallon hat. Now also add the name "Slim" to his tall, lanky frame. Really, I can't describe it in words...

I am going to defer to IMDB for the plot overview - there's a lot of nuances that I'd butcher and take forever to write here. The movie turns into a murder mystery about half way through, and that's when it gets interesting.

Reading on IMDB, Maisie was the first of ten Maisie movies with Ann Sothern. I think I'll skip Congo Maisie...

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